Kevin Surace has been active in musical theater for 25 years as a musician, music director, director, conductor, singer and more spanning over 1000 performances.
He is the CEO of Acclaim Entertainment, which creates and produces unique “high impact” shows for corporate and performing arts audiences.
2AM at the Sands was born from Andrew and Kevin’s love of the Sinatra era, especially the late 1960’s. They had a vision for a show that would be historical merged with some fiction to recreate a Sinatra-esc evening. Not an impersonator (no one can impersonate Frank) but something different. A one act musical that would resonate with a broad audience, that relies on images and video that help carry an audience back in time. Stories, music, facts and some fiction. And the actors playing themselves.
Kevin is also a well known keynote speaker on artificial intelligence and tech CEO with 83 patents worldwide.