ROSARIO CASTRO ROMERO was born in Granada, where at age 16 she launched her  career under the tutelage of her mother, Rosario Romero, in her famous flamenco  academy. There she firmly established the hallmarks of her style: the elegant combination of  tradition, sensuality and powerful femininity which have made her one of Spain’s most  renown flamenco stars.

At age 18 she moved to Madrid, where the film director Carlos Saura and the dancer  Antonio Gades selected her to dance in the classic flamenco film “El Amor Brujo.”

Rosario has shared the world’s most famous stages with the world’s greatest dance stars.  She and her brother Ricardo were the invited guest artists at the VI International Mariinsky  Ballet Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, the first flamenco dancers ever asked to grace  that stage, where they received a 45- minute standing ovation.

For over ten years, she co-starred at the world famous tablao flamenco “Corral de la  Morería” in Madrid, Spain, where photos still grace the walls of she and Ricardo with the  likes of Mikhail Barishnykov (who returned five times just to see them dance), Bono and  U2, Tom Jones, Julia Roberts, James Cameron, Donald Sutherland, Demi Moore, Omar  Sharif, Mira Sorvino and countless others.

She recently joined with Ricardo to co-choreograph and star in the Bolshoi Opera’s new  production of CARMEN, and she continues to travel the world as co-director and star of  their company, Castro Romero Flamenco (