Peter Simon, a native of Denver, CO, has had a multi-faceted career. Besides being a concert pianist, he has been a university professor, artistic director of a musical festival, an actor, truck driver, banker and professional drummer. He has degrees in both philosophy and music and has been featured on two public television specials: Profiles & Performances and Culture in the Country, as well as his own recent television show Peter Simon & Friends. Mr. Simon upholds a firm belief that good music is meant for everyone regardless of age or background, and is delighted to share his joy of music alongside his son. His passion for beautiful music and encouraging others to study great piano literature, as well as philanthropy, have moved him to raise money for music scholarships and pianos in America and other countries.  His hobbies are world history and hiking in the mountains.

Saling Simon, named after his great-grandfather, showed an interest in music at the age of two. He began taking lessons from his father at the age of five and gave his first concert in front of 2,000 people at the age of six. When he was eight years old, Saling performed in Carnegie Hall and since then has toured with his father playing hundreds of concerts all over the world. He spent some time away from touring attending and graduating from Harvard University, but is now genuinely excited to be back on the road again. His interests include psychology, reading, golf, skiing and cooking. Saling has a down-to-earth personality, an adventurous spirit, and always enjoys having a good time, wherever he may be.