Jarrod Spector & Kelli Barrett

Broadway power couple, Jarrod Spector & Kelli Barrett have several themed shows available:

KINGS & QUEENS:  From Aretha, & Britney to  Elvis & Prince, Barrett & Spector cover the gamut of musical royalty, proving how this select group ascended to their respective thrones.

LOOK AT IT MY WAY:  What does it mean when two people arrive at the same place but their versions of the courtship, moment by moment, are entirely different?  In a (mostly) true and hilarious reimagining of their platonic…errr…romantic journey (with inspiration from their favorite film), “Look at it My Way” gives Broadway’s Kelli Barrett and Jarrod Spector the chance to recount the story of how they ended up together—from each of their often wildly divergent perspectives.

FUNNY HOW IT HAPPENS:  Hitched in 2014, Barrett & Spector present Funny How It Happens, an intimate look at the uncanny parallels and fortuitous make-it-or-break-it moments throughout their careers and friendship that eventually brought them together.




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